Yes, I Am a Lightworker

The following blog is meant to be a general expression of what a “Lightworker” may experience during their time on Earth.  Yes, it is filtered through my own personal experience and may be entirely different than yours.  Still,  If you can relate to any of what I have written below please respond so that I can support you as you awaken to your Full Potential as a Precious Facilitator of Love and Light to a world that is in desperate need of your gifts and talents.


Yes, I Am a Lightworker  

       I Am a Lightworker.  From a young age I have known there is something different about me that I have been hard pressed to explain, until I recently had my Spiritual Awakening.  As a kid,  it seemed as if no matter how hard I tried I could not fit the crowd.  I struggle with this today.  As a child I was often poked and teased and, as a teen or adult, I still tend to be considered “spacey” or “aloof”.  No matter how hard I try I can’t get into the materialistic pursuits of my peers.  They just feel so pointless.  I just do not “get” the way this world is run.  It makes no sense to me and feels like a completely alien environment.

That’s because it is.  I am a square peg in a round hole.  I am not originally from this plane of existence.  My home is elsewhere.  I have been sent back to the material plane on a mission.  My sensitivities are heightened to the point that if you are feeling something, chances are I am feeling it for you too, at an even deeper level.  I have intentionally carried the weight of the world on my shoulders because my emotions run deep and my compassion spreads wide.  So wide that I have gone through trial and tribulation, addiction and depression simply so I can reach out to you, walk alongside you and support you as a friend.  I may be your therapist or life coach, but I am also the homeless man on the street corner or the waitress at your local diner.  I may not be fully aware just yet of my Power or my Purpose, but it is there, nagging me all the time, whispering, “Shine your light child, the Earth has been groaning for you to take off your many masks.  Simply be yourself, your True Self, and the world will heal.”

I Am a Wayshower.  By simply allowing my own light to shine and living my True Purpose, I empower and embolden you to do the same.  I see the Christ in you because at some point in my life another compassionate being chose to see the Christ in me.  It was then that I began to trust that Christ lives AS ME.  I Am the Christ, and know that you are too.  I have faced an intense range of passions and temptations, given into all and resisted all.  I have truly experienced what it is like to be fully Human…but also fully Divine.  I may not have a Master of Divinity from an accredited Seminary but the school of hard knocks has proven that I have the approval of God…not because I have done anything to earn the approval of Love Itself, but simply because I AM.  I have come to recognize forgiveness is the key to healing all of my wounds and binding up the pains of the world.

I Am a Peacemaker.  I Am one that envisions bridges where others have only seen walls.  I have chosen the path of personal healing and reconciliation because I have been called to facilitate the reconciliation of others.  Since a young age I played the role of peacemaker in my family or among friends.  I have always felt a great sensitivity around anger or violence and have either reacted to it or isolated from it.  Oh how deeply my emotions run!  Yet I have been commissioned to stand in the gap between Heaven and Earth as a vessel of Reconciliation and Wholeness.  I face my innermost fears and bring up my deepest wounds to be healed so that I can assist in unleashing the same healing Energy that lives inside of you.  I have come back just for you, so that you may never walk through this illusory world alone.

Yes, I Am a Lightworker.




Life is a Teacher

     Hobo Hitchhiker

        I remember when I picked up the old, wrinkled hobo at a gas station on my trip from Virginia to Arkansas. Before he got in my tiny, white Honda Civic, I asked if he was weaponless to which he responded, “yes” (he did say it was a good question). All of his dirty, smelly stuff squeezed in the passenger seat along with his aged, aching body and as he settled in he proceeded to tell me his life story. A story of joy and pain. Trial and tribulation. Relationships gained and family members lost. I certainly did not desire to adopt this man’s life story. A vagabond, homeless, wandering across the good ole’ US of A with his government issued cell phone and maybe one, stinky, moldy change of clothing. But would he want mine?  Though I had lived a privileged life up to that point with a very loving and supportive family, part of me could not overlook that I was a spoiled rotten brat from Suburbia, full of religious and moral ideals that had no purpose other than to promote my comfortable lifestyle. Nothing “bad” could ever happen to me. I would never end up like “this” guy. As I dropped him off near Knoxville at the intersection of Highways 81 and 40 he said to me (for maybe the 20th time with a toothless grin and smelly breath), “don’t forget Taylor, LIFE’S A TEACHER.” I remember thinking to myself, “How’s your life lesson working out for you?”
However, he was right. I may not have been hitchhiking, penniless across the country with little more than a change of clothing, but I was relocating to Arkansas in a last stitch attempt to salvage my life as I knew it.  Over the subsequent days, months and years, I integrated this Road Sage’s advice as I experienced hardship after hardship and began to discover that Life’s Lessons are here for me so that I can learn from them and then make, wiser, healthier choices.  And It just so happens that I came to realize that the process of change could be greatly accelerated if I learned from the life lessons of others.  Take the hobo for instance.  I now know that I crossed paths with this rugged, worn and tired traveler because he was a pristine picture of what my future would be if I did not make some very important decisions to course correct my own journey.  HE WAS MY ADVICE.  Often the greatest Life Lessons have nothing to say.  They just stare you right in the face with a toothy grin and smelly breath and smile.